With the prevalence of distance learning becoming a staple in most households, it’s becoming more and more common to see your child attached to their screens. Kids are fighting off loneliness by keeping up with friends by their social media of choice, and staving off boredom with the games available on the devices they have. Why would they be motivated to study and keep their grades up when: fun with their friends is just a tap away, and mom or dad think they’re doing homework?

Enter the parental control apps. There are a lot of parental control apps out there in the world. Each app has similar features: They will block access to the web, they will block the usage of apps. Yet, these apps have only solved half of the problem. They’ll help curb the distractions but fail to keep kids focused on their schoolwork. “My phone unlocks at 8 pm! I can play all I want then!” There’s still no accountability to make sure their schoolwork is getting done.

With all the parental control apps out there, Learn It 2 Earn It (LI2EI) joins the party. LI2EI was built from a different perspective. It was built with kids in mind. The concept is simple: study first, play after. Kids are free to use their device by completing exercises lessons based on the common core curriculum. Each time they finish finish an exercise, they’re rewarded with screen time that they can withdraw in increments to unlock all their apps and social media again. It’s simple: No studies? No play.

Don’t just settle for half the solution. Get the complete solution with Learn It 2 Earn It. With a 5 minute set up, your kids devices will be locked to ensure they get their studying done and are still able to enjoy their freedom and independence. There’s no bad guy in this solution – you haven’t locked their device and don’t need to be their keeper. If they want to play, they gotta study!