Welcome to the Learn It 2 Earn It Lesson Resources!

The Lesson Resources are a series of blogposts that will be released every Friday at 17:00 PST. It will be a variety of activities and lessons you can use with your child at home, in addition to some perspectives on how to improve your child’s success when you are working with them.

Learn It 2 Earn It was built using common core curriculum standards. Although the CCCS is considered the basic skillsets that each student should be learning, we’ve noticed a trend in our userbase – they struggle with some of the concepts presented in the CCCS exercises we’ve created.

Finding ourselves in a new chapter of our lives in which digital learning has become the norm, there are new challenges facing every participant in a digital classroom. It becomes more difficult for students to get the guidance and support they may need from their teachers as they are no longer talking to someone in-person but instead someone on a screen in their homes.

We’ve decided to begin a series of lesson resources you can use to help your child maximize their learning, starting with guides that will not only help you to teach your child the concepts being presented to them in LI2EI and the classroom, but also help with adding some interactive activities for your child.

Our content director has spent over ten years teaching both within the US and internationally. What they noticed when they were teaching was the more pieces to a puzzle, the more parts to a game, the more activity involved in providing ownership for your child was always more successful in engaging children than just giving them worksheets to answer. Spending time to go over things with your child and also going through the activities in our worksheets will help your child feel more comfortable with math and also help set them up for success in the future.

If you see your child struggling with certain subjects in your parent dashboard, or you’re just here trying to find some help to give your child with their homework, check back on this blog periodically to see if some of the materials have been covered here to help support their learning.